1996Second place in coding competition
2000 – 2001Money Click Project (Google Adsense and Adwords like project targeted in Slovakia)
2001Graduated at Union High School, South Carolina, US
2004 – 2008Trader assistant at TT Consulting
2006Security Audit of Trading Information System at Commodity Exchange Bratislava – Gained console rights through website
2008Bachelor degree. Diploma thesis: Security of web applications
2009-2011Director at TT Consulting, President of the Exchange chamber at Commodity Exchange Bratislava
2012Master degree at Cognitive informatics – Thesis: Process management of commodity exchange
2012 – nowCOO & CIO at CEB
2014 – 2018Wood and company financial bank – Arbitrage and market making trader at equities market, IT developer
2018 – nowEP Commodities – IT Developer
2009First place at EID Hackatron